Simple System Monitor


An elegant system monitor for your Android


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Simple System Monitor is an app for monitoring every aspect of your Android device's system. You can see graphs of the CPU usage and frequency of all the cores, as well as the use of GPU and RAM.

Each one of the parameters you can monitor are found in a different tab. To switch between tabs, you just have to slide from left to right. However, you can also open the drop-down menu from the upper left part of the screen to directly access any one of them.

Other tools included in Simple System Monitor are only available to users with a rooted device. Among these added features you can find a process 'eliminator' and a cache cleaner. In any case, it's important to note, your device does NOT need to be rooted in order to use almost all of the features.

Simple System Monitor is a powerful monitoring tool that can help you make sure you always have your system in check. From the core frequency to the battery temperature, and even network activity: you've got it all under control with this app.
Why is my smartphone so SLOW?!

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Simple System Monitor analyzes your smartphone activity

Monitoring tools are a good way to analyze what's going on with your smartphone when some sort of problem arises. Although there are lots of apps for that purpose, few are as complete and concrete as Simple System Monitor, which lets you view RAM consumption for open processes in real time, check device temperature, and monitor CPU usage, among many other parameters.
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Requires Android 4.0 or higher